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Williams World Village

For families with special needs, the adage “it takes a village” couldn’t be more accurate. The reality is that we all require a sense of community to feel supported, but for those who require extra emotional and physical assistance, finding adequate resources can be a challenge. Williams World was established to meet that need and the desire to navigate this journey with the support of a community.

Our Village

We Create a Sense of Community

We welcome you to join our supportive community in which you can help find the resources you need in aiding your special needs family member as well as help create a community, surrounded by families who best understand your family. 

Williams World comprehends how difficult this journey can be and we help foster relationships so that you can lean on those who understand your complex journey best. 

The Village is a center-based program that offers a variety of classes and activities to our clients. From cooking and gardening to movie nights, our program provides a welcoming and supportive environment where our clients can come together, learn new skills, and engage in meaningful social interactions.

Community Support