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Village Wish List

We are a family owned business and depend on donations for supplies and services. We need assistance in continuing daily operations.

  • Books

  • Sensory items

  • Stemming items

  • Swings and other outdoor equipment

  • food pantry items for those hungry

  • gently used clothing/shoes, hats/gloves for those that are without

  • Chewy tubes

  • Weighted blankets

  • Blankets

  • Bean bag chairs

  • Straws-popular stemming item

  • Ipads

  • Pro lo quo and other autism programs

  • Barn help – We have a barn that’s in need of TLC. Our hope is to teach the kids to care for rescue animals

  • We need help re-fencing the property

  • Desks and chairs for client activities and learning

  • Kitchen equipment for cooking classes

  • Bathroom supplies

Donate To Us Today!

Donations from you allows us to continue to bring awareness and support services to the special needs community.