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General Question

Our team is ready to assist you with nay further questions you may have 

Yes, we transport to Denver and the surrounding areas. We will have two large transport vehicles when the day program opens to ensure our clients needs are met. We are always looking for good drivers, inquire to Jazmine.

Yes, we service multiple counties across Colorado and the Denver Metro Area. Please contact us today for more specific information in regards to your location. 

No, in order to be a non profit, you need to adhere to a board of directors. As a family owned company we have decided against this to maintain our vision.

We are currently in the process of expanding our day program options which help provide emotional and socializing support for families. 

We provide options for a variety of resources for the special needs community and do not limit our services to the autism community.

A medication reminder box, also known as a pill box, is a container with compartments for storing medication. It helps individuals manage their medication regimen by providing a convenient way to organize and keep track of their pills.

Yes, we currently work with RMHS, Developmental Pathways, Imagine, DDRC, TRE and North Metro.

We are always in need of caregivers and those who  have an interest in working with special needs families. Please contact us today to inquire more on employment opportunities. 

It allows us to offer our caregivers higher compensation rates which is beyond the limiting structure of medicaid which offers lower hourly rates. 

Yes, we run FBI/CBI background checks as well as CAPS checks for those working with adults.

Class B is only for CES or SLS waivers, IF the client needs physical hands on assistance for daily life skills (bathing, eating, dressing, etc.) 

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Consider donating to our wish list or aiding William’s World by becoming a caregiver today. Help us make our community a supportive and inclusive space by being an ally of the special needs community.