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About William

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Meet William

William is the reason why Williams World came to fruition. William was born with severe epilepsy and autism. As our family navigated the healthcare system, we struggled to find the support we needed in assisting William with his unique needs. While we managed to locate the resources we needed to help William, we realized that families deserved more support throughout this process and didn’t deserve to navigate their journey alone. 

William is now a thriving teenager and although he faces many challenges in his day to day life, we continues to grow with the support from his family, friends, and community. Although non verbal, he uses his communicative device and will “speak” through the music and movies he shares with you. He is extremely bright and we continue to learn so many valuable lessons from him each and every day. He is the light of our lives and this company was started for him and other families that walk along side us with a special needs family member. The world can be cruel to those that are different and misunderstood, but Williams World will strive to create a safe haven where our clients and their families feel the utmost respect while being treated with kindness and dignity.

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